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Shakti Computers
  Infrared Body Massager
  Nebulizer Mask ( Aerosol Mask )
  Commode Chair Folding Sdx Heavy
  Air-o-Space 5 in 1 Sofa bed
  Cervical Pillow Neck ( Orthopedic Pillows )
  Folding Walking Stick Adjustable - Gift Grand Parents
  Breast Pump Manual Imported Routine
  Gift - Flying Helicopter with Remote Control For Your Love Ones
  Bayer's Ascensia Entrust Test Strips 25 nos
  Foot Massager Imported ( For Ankles , Calves & Feet )
  Commode Stool , Comode Stool Mini Sdx Model
  Security - Protect Yourself From Burglars ( Thieves ) Electronic Mini Camera
  Heating Pad Electronic
  Blood Pressure Control Chain Magnetic
  Mackintosh sheet
  Weighing Scale for Personal Use , Bathroom Weighing Machine
  Bayer's Ascensia Entrust Glucometer
  Neoprene Abdominal Belt
  Organ Developer With Rubber Bulb
  Neoprene Knee Support
  Doctors Coat ( Unisex Doctors coat )
  Blood Circulation Massager ( Foot Massager )
  Syringe & Needle Destroyer Manual
  Acupressure Magnetic Power Mat
  Abdominal Belt / Tummy Trimmer (Full Elastic ) belt
  Pocket Model Hearing Aid ( Intrx )
  Hearing Aid ( Clear Tone )
  Hearing Aid (Alps)
  Height Gain Device , Hyto
  Heavy Duty Nebulizer - Imported
  Blood lancet , Pricking Lancets
  Accu-Chek Softclix Lancet Device , Pricking pen spare ,Lancing Device
  ACCU-CHEK Sensor Meter,Blood Sugar Monitor
  Knee Brace , comfortable knee brace long
  Surgical Eye Pads , Kendall Curity Eye Pads imported
  Bayer's Contour TS Gluco Meter
  Sauna Vibrating Belt ( 3 in 1 )
  Silicon Insole Routine
  Pocket Hearing Aid Siemens
  Hearing Aids
  Shoulder Pulley Kit
  Dream Walker Regulator / Timer ( Spare )
  Lung Exerciser ( Respiratory Fitness )
  Imported Manual Breast Pump Dx
  Medical Air Mattress
  Bayer's Contour TS Sugar Test Strips 50strips
  Hernia Belt
  Repair Kit For Blood Pressure Monitor
  Physiotherapy Equipment Shoulder Wheel ( Wall Mounting )
  Dial aneroid model blood pressure monitor
  Tummy Twister Rotating Disc Platform 2 Shape Your Body
  Weighing Scale for Personal Use Imported .
  Accu-Chek Active Strips (Gluco meter strips)
  Power Saver Electronic Digital
  Sprague Stethoscope Kit /Imported Double Tube Stethoscope
  Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter
  Omron Nebulizer NEC - 28 CompAir Compressor
  Mercury Blood Pressure Monitor
  Digital Blood Pressure Monitor Imported
  Imported Pigeon Breast Pump Electronic / Battery Operated
  Silicon Insole ( Foot Orthoses )
  Electronic Power Saver
  OMRON Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor Sem1
  CITIZEN Blood Pressure Monitor - CH606
  Citizen Ultrasonic Nebulizer
  ROM knee brace
  Ahmedabad, Gurgaon , Lucknow, Bangalore, Hyderabad , Mumbai, Chandigarh, Indore,
Accu-Chek Aviva Strip
Sacro Lumber Support
(5 In One) Air O Space Bed
Morning Exerciser with infrared massager
Accu-Chek Active Blood Glucose Meter Kit
ONE TOUCH Ultra Blood Glucose Monitoring System
Water Bed
Breast Pump
Heavy Duty STEPPER
CH606 - CITIZEN Blood Pressure Monitor
Sauna Belt Sdx
ROM knee brace
OMRON Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor Sem1
Omron Blood Pressure Monitor HEM 7101
Walking Machine / Morning Exerciser
Bayer's Ascensia Entrust Test Strips
Digital Weighing Scale
Power Saver
One Touch Ultra 2 Glucose Meter
Double Valve Syringe
Cyber Sonic Hearing Aid
CITIZEN One Touch Fully Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor - CH-432B
Imported Pigeon Breast Pump Electronic / Battery
Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter
One Touch Horizon Blood Glucose Monitor
Omron NE-C28 CompAir Compressor Nebulizer
Citizen Ultrasonic Nebulizer
Infrared Ear/ Forehead Thermometer (Infi Check)
Sprague Stethoscope Kit /Imported Double Tube Stethoscope
Piston Nebulizer
ISI - Sphygmomanometer, Mercurial/Mercury
Electronic syringe & needle distroyer
Accu-Chek Active Strips
ONE TOUCH Ultra Test Strips
Neoprene Ankle Support
Silicon Heel Cushion / Heel Cushions
  Cervical Traction Kit ( Cervical Pulley )
  Oxygen Mask ( O2 Mask )
  Hot Water Bottle / Bag
  Elbow Crutch For Handicap
  Pollution Mask ( Multipurpose Dx )
  Wheel Chair Tyre ( Rubber , PVC )
  Battery For Glucometer
  Karman Cannula Disposable With Adopter
  Donate Handicap Goods
  Exercise Ball ( Inflatable ) Imported
  Oxygen Flow Meter
  Goniometer Stainless Steel 180 Degree
  Cordless Steam Iron Gift Mother
  Walking Stick With Light Imported
  Electronic Wheel Chair & Battery Operated Imported
  Wheel Chair Folding Imported
  Disposable Gloves Plastic Sterile
  Foot exerciser Physiotherapy Equipment
  Ankle Exerciser , Heel Exerciser Physiotherapy Equipment
  Pedo Cycle Exerciser Physiotherapy Equipment
  Silicon Breast Nipple Shield Imported
  Artificial Resuscitator Silicon , ( Ambu Type Bag - Adult )
  Gift - Taj Mahal Replica
  BP Apparatus Dial Model
  Spare - Dream Walker Foot Rest
  Diwali Pooja Thali - Pooja Accessories
  Accuchek Sensor Strip - 100 strips ( Glucometer Strips )
  Dream Walker - As Seen On TV
  Ishihara Test Book ( Colour Blindness )
  Color Blindness Ishihara Test Book
  Suction Machine ( Manual ) Foot Operated
  Digital Thermometer Safe & Accurate imported
  Spare imported blood pressure monitor cloth ( Bp cuff ) citizen , Omron
  Air Mattress Medical
  ONE TOUCH Ultra Test Strips (Gluco meter strips) 50 strips
  One Touch Ultra 2 Gluco Meter
  Medical Water Bed ( Water Mattress )
  Infrared Ear Thermometer / Forehead Thermometer (Infi Check)
  One Touch Horizon Gluco Meter
  Double Valve , walve Syringe
  Accu-Chek Active GlucoMeter
  Portable Oxygen Cylinder 2.75 ltrs
  Swinging Morning Massager Exerciser ( Foot Rest )
  Magnifying Glass with Light ( Magnifier )
  Power Saver Electronic Digital
  Omron Blood Pressure Monitor HEM 7101
  CITIZEN One Touch Fully Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor - CH-432B
  Accu-Chek Aviva Strip (Gluco meter strips)
  Rom knee brace , sdx knee brace
  Mysore, Chennai , Jaipur, Pune, Coimbatore, Kolkata, Nagpur, Kochi , Surat, rajasthan, Madras, tamil nadu








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