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Hearing Aids ( Mini / Small )
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Hearing loss is a condition of the outer and/or middle ear. It occurs when sounds from the outside world cannot be transmitted normally through the ear canal and/or middle ear. The most common causes of conductive hearing loss are the buildup of wax in the ear canal, perforated eardrums, fluid in the middle ear , or damaged or defective ossicles (middle ear bones).
Product Features
  • We Offer Different Type's Of Hearing Aids Like - Intrx , Siemens , Clear Tone , Alps , Cyber Sonic , Cyber Max . pls select any one from our store.
  • Hearing Aids ( Mini / Small ) - Eliminating background noise, such as turning off the television or radio, can also help someone who is hard-of-hearing understand you better.
  • YES!! Over 35% of the people who have hearing loss is caused, at least in part, by the exposure to hazardous sound levels. Sound is measured in Decibals, and a normal human ear can hear 0 db (decibals) and in comparison most of the rock concerts are 110 db or more.
  • You should regard your hearing as valuable as your eyesight. ( Intrx , Siemens , Clear Tone , Alps , Cyber Sonic , Cyber Max )
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